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Handmade Kids Teepee Tents

In a world centred around technology, have you ever wondered how you can adapt your child’s lifestyle, to maximise their learning, imagination and playing experience without them being glued to a tablet screen? Every parent wants to guarantee a healthy and happy environment for their child and that’s why Love My Teepee will help you provide just that.

Creating a beautiful atmosphere to fuel imagination and creativity is crucial in your child’s development. Studies have shown that birth to the age of five are the most critical ages in your child’s development.

Love My Teepee create the ideal item to meet all requirements to support growth and a happy lifestyle.

Teepee’s are the perfect place to play, giving your child the space to explore and rest. The Teepee, Tepee or Tipi was once an Indian house, home to a tribe that led an incredible adventure-filled journey.

Not only will your personalised, bespoke Teepees be a beautiful decoration in your boys or girls’ bedrooms, its unique embellishment partnered with colourful cushions, flags and bunting will bring the room to life.

Our Teepees are handmade in the UK by Love My Teepee using quality fabrics, lightweight and fully assembled ready for play.  Teepee’s are the perfect addition to a bedroom, patio, terrace or garden – giving your child the opportunity to bring their imagination to life anywhere.

Feel safe in the knowledge that our Teepee tents are CE and UKCA approved, recommended age 36 months + Join us on an adventure to bring your child’s imagination to life and watch them flourish as they explore a whole new world with Love My Teepee.

Our Best Selling Teepee Tents

  • IMG 7931 350x435 - Home

    A Knight Castle Teepee + Bunting

  • IMG 6689 350x435 - Home

    Birds Lilac & White Lace Teepee Set

  • IMG 5601 350x435 - Home

    English Rose Teepee Set

  • IMG 5073 350x435 - Home

    Kids Play Day Teepee Set

  • IMG 3956 1 350x435 - Home

    My Den Squirrel Teepee

  • IMG 7944 350x435 - Home

    NFFC Football Theme Teepee

  • IMG 0804 350x435 - Home

    On The Move Teepee Set

  • IMG 6646 1 350x435 - Home

    Peter Rabbit Teepee Set