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  • Handmade knights castle teepee for kids with bunting and white tent.

    A Knight Castle Teepee + Bunting

  • Kids teepee set with white teepee adorned with pink and lilac flowers, birds, and butterflies.

    Birds Lilac & White Lace Teepee Set

  • A charming teepee adorned with pink and white flowers, featuring a heart. Delicate lace, grey doors, pink English roses, cushions, and a floor mat enhance the white teepee's beauty.

    English Rose Teepee Set

  • An inviting ivory teepee adorned with beige pom poms, accompanied by a cushion, floor mat, and cute lemon printed animal accents.

    Kids Play Day Teepee Set

  • my den, hedgehog and wildflowers kids teepee tent

    My Den Squirrel Teepee

  • The Peter Rabbit grey teepee set includes a comfortable teepee decorated with pole flags, along with a floor mat and cushions.

    Peter Rabbit Teepee Set