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  • A custom-made blush pink ballerina and flowers teepee tent adorned with lace doors, heart window, and pink bows. Perfect for kids.

    Ballerina Appliquéd Lace Teepee

    From: £175.00
  • A teepee with a construction theme and a cushion, featuring an appliqued digger design.

    Digger Appliquéd Teepee

    From: £175.00
  • handmade dark blue dinosaur teepee tent

    Dinosaur Rex Appliquéd Teepee

    From: £170.00
  • A custom-made teepee tent for children, adorned with elephants, butterflies, and stars, featuring a blue and white design.

    Elephant Appliquéd Teepee

    From: £175.00
  • window frame and appliqued large enchanted castle on the side of a teepee decorated with flowers, butterflies, fairies, frog

    Enchanted Castle Appliquéd Teepee

    From: £175.00
  • personalised teepee set

    Fairyland Personalised Teepee

    From: £185.00
  • A handmade, bespoke teepee tent for kids, adorned with meadow flowers, bunnies, ladybirds, and dragonflies.

    Flower Meadow Appliquéd Teepee

    From: £180.00
  • Bespoke personalised children's teepee tent handmade for kids decorated with a little girl sitting on a gate surrounded by meadow flowers, butterflies, birds and cute woodland animals

    Kids Country Girl Appliquéd Teepee

    From: £175.00
  • An orange teepee adorned with a vibrant design, personalized for children, featuring jungle branches, leaves, and playful swinging monkeys.

    Monkey Appliquéd Teepee

    From: £175.00
  • A personalized teepee tent for children, featuring a bear design inspired by Paddington bear.

    Paddington Bear Appliquéd Teepee

    From: £175.00
  • bespoke dark blue rocket teepee tent

    Rocket Appliquéd Blue Teepee

    From: £175.00
  • Handmade UK teepee with rocket applique - perfect for kids' playtime adventures!

    Rocket Appliqued Teepee

    From: £175.00