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  • Handmade knights castle teepee for kids with bunting and white tent.

    A Knight Castle Teepee + Bunting

  • Personalised children's teepee set with flying aeroplanes and clouds design, made in the UK.

    Aeroplane Teepee

    From: £100.00
  • Personalised handmade UK teepee set for children featuring Alice in Wonderland design.

    Alice In Wonderland Teepee

    From: £100.00
  • A handmade UK Marvel Spiderman blue teepee featuring spider web in red and blue colors.

    Amazing Spider-Man Teepee

    From: £100.00
  • Personalised children's teepee set: Handmade UK nautical teepee adorned with pastel anchors for kids.

    Anchor Teepee

    From: £100.00
  • A custom-made blush pink ballerina and flowers teepee tent adorned with lace doors, heart window, and pink bows. Perfect for kids.

    Ballerina Appliquéd Lace Teepee

    From: £175.00
  • Personalized teepee set for children featuring pink, lilac, and blue tutus, perfect for little girls who love ballerinas.

    Ballerina Girls Teepee

    From: £100.00
  • Personalised handmade UK teepee set for children with ivory lace, ballerinas, tutus, and castles.

    Ballerina Tutu Lace Teepee

    From: £100.00
  • IMG 0409 350x435 - Batman Teepee Tent

    Batman Teepee Tent

    From: £100.00
  • A charming pink and ivory teepee adorned with a delicate pink bow, featuring Beatrix Potter Peter Rabbit characters. Lace doors add an elegant touch.

    Beatrix Potter Lace Pink Kids Teepee Tent

    From: £100.00
  • A handmade UK teepee tent adorned with ivory lace, featuring a charming bird cushion perched on its top.

    Bird Trail Lace Teepee

    From: £90.00
  • Kids teepee set with white teepee adorned with pink and lilac flowers, birds, and butterflies.

    Birds Lilac & White Lace Teepee Set